View from the 9th floor of a hospital

by throatlumps

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released May 7, 2017




throatlumps Toronto, Ontario

stream of consciousness diary entries

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Track Name: Horizon Line
They said act like the person you wish you could be
And your atoms will rearrange with a bit more ease
but at the end of the day
The sunset rubs the sky
and leaves the horizon line, behind

singing, "do do do-do do"
I'll see you on the other side
Do do do-dot do do do
I'll catch you on the other side,
My, oh my

The caterpillar said, "I'm just too small"
And, the butterfly cried, "I've never felt so tall"
And, at the end of the day
The sunset rubs the sky
and leaves the horizon line, behind

singing, "do do do-do do
I'll see you on the other side"
"Do do do-dot do do do
I'll catch you on the other side"
My, oh my
Track Name: Siren's Maiden Name
There's nothing that I want from you
There's nothing that I want to do
More than just to get outside
Just to be
High above all these words and these bees
And all these trees

The siren calls your name
And it sounds just the same
As the one that called yesterday
And, she calls your name, your name
Your name your name

How can you tell,
Which is heaven which is hell?
How can you tell,
The siren's yell?
How can you tell?

I don't know my maiden name
I'd tell you but it doesn't, fell sane
And, how could you know better for me?
For me? Than the show? Oh
Track Name: Night Mare
All these fallen trees,
they fall at your knees
and let you sit and pray

And I disagree that this is what we see
And this is all we'll have every day

Oh one night I dreamt
and I dreamt and I wept
It was misunderstood
This dream that I had one day

So take me away
Some day and I'll follow and I'll lead
And, this is a dance, and if by chance
You'd like to wait and see

Oh, I'll disagree, I'll disagree
And I'll take your hand and I'll waltz with ya

And, you'll disagree and agree
That this is just a chance for us

And one night a tree fell
Right at my knee
and it was a weeping willow

And I cried and I cried
And we looked inside
and saw that it was all hollow

And who dug it out?
Who dug it out and left it quite bare?
Oh, I don't know I don't know
But it left me feeling scared

I think it might have been a night mare
Riding through the night
Horse, made of white
Track Name: Friday Mourning
It's a little grey out in the world today and,
It's a little sunny in here

I don't know which way the sky's rolling
I don't know how to count my stars
I don't know the songs that I sing but,
I know the feeling of bars and

I know what I like

I know, how it feels to strike, out
and, I know I know

I know my shame and
I know all this guilt that I felt and
I know where I've come from
I think I could guess where my feet wanna dance to

And I'd probably be wrong

I think I knew a dream
I think I coulda been a night mare
I think I knew the water
I think I knew how to swear and,

My grandma said, my grandma said,
"You catch more flies with honey, don't you know?"
and, I know I know,
But girl, I've got some vinegar in my soul

And how can you swim, if
You don't know the water
and you don't know who put ya there?

Oh I look up, I look up,

I look down I look down,

I look side to side and cross the street

Look up, look down, tell a joke, with these chicken feet oh
Track Name: Noon Moon Howl
Wash the day down the gold plated sink
The dust is good and gone for now
And, this moonlight is more and less than you think
But you fell the wise, why how and the howl

At moon, at moon, at moon, at moon,
I'm howling at the moon
At moon, At moon,

And how can I know what day, Christmas really is?
I'm just a spring chicken out on the lawn
Bathing in the sun and drinking moonlight, by the bye
and it's gone its gone, oh it's so far gone

And, looking, at the moon at the moon
At moon, At moon,
It's a quarter past noon,,
Noon time

And I watch a fox rest alone in the shadow of the day that's
fully grown and this english garden by a home and I wonder

And I wander, I wander I wander on by
And I'm not even scared
Of that fox that's just resting there
Just a spring chicken by the bye by the bye

By the time I get back it'll be a quarter past noon
by the by by the by, I'm looking at the moon

I'm howling at the moon, howling howling,
How do you do? Just trying to cross the street